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(Mark) Christian Binford is Doing (Mark) Christian Binfordy Things

An exciting look at a boring pitcher

Okay so Binford isn't really boring, but he's also not a guy that is going to put the "meat in the seats" if he were to ever make it to Kauffman.

I profiled Binford last July discussing his past and not so much his future. I'll continue that theme here, but we'll also try to look at his future, or talk about current things that could either predict, but most likely just try to project, his future.

Binford is a 30th round pick out of Mercersburg Academy in Mercerburg, PA. The tall 6-7 righty is much more of a finesse pitcher than a power pitcher surprisingly for a guy of his size. He lead his prep school to the Mid-Atlantic league titles with a 0.64 ERA while striking out 78 in 55 innings. Binford doesn't turn 21 until December.

Binford's repertoire consists of a low 90's fastball, curveball, and changeup. The fastball is easily his best pitch as he shows good command with it.

All of that information is still true I promise. Generally players who sign pro baseball contracts don't go back to a different High School and get drafted again, but I've got no statistical proof to support that.

Fun fact; there have only been two Binfords in the history of baseball. Christian and R.C. Binford who played in the low levels of the minors in the late-50's. If Binford, Christian that is not R.C., were to debut in the majors he would be the first Binford ever.

I think Binford's best tool is his command and it's been showing itself since he first step foot on the mound in pro ball.

Binford walked one batter in his first game, a 2 inning outing, then walked another in his second start, a 3.2 inning outing, but then recorded five consecutive starts without a walk which covered 28.1 innings.

That was back in the Appy League where Binford, who was a little older than most High School pitchers, was facing guys 1 1/2 years older than him and are generally a little swing happy in Rookie Ball.

Every year Binford has carried that same command approach as he's climbed the proverbial ladder to the Majors.

2012: 0.90 BB/9 - 40 IP

2013: 1.67 BB/9 - 135 IP

2014: 1.55 BB/9  - 64 IP (so far)

That's fun stuff right there as in over his pro career of 239 innings Binford carries a career 1.5 BB/9.

What's even more fun is that Binford hasn't just been Carl Pavano over that time, but he's also been increasing the rate he's striking guys out.

2012:  6.98 K/9

2013: 8.67 K/9

2014: 10.41 K/9

Man. That is fun right there.

Digging through Binford's game logs I believe I've unearthed what could potentially be life altering data, although I believe it would only alter your life if you are a) Christian Binford or b) one of the batters Christian Binford has faced.

Binford has never walked more than four batters in a game (walked four once in 2012).

Games with min of 4 IP and walks per game:
4: 1
3: 3
2: 10
1: 11
0: 16

Yes that's correct. Binford has had 16 games where he's walked nobody.

Games with 6+ IP:

4 walks: 0
3 walks: 1
2 walks: 3
1: walk: 9
0 walks: 11

So he's nearly had as many 6 IP+ games without a walk (11)  than he has with a walk (13).

That is also fun stuff.

The reports on Binford outline a back of the rotation guy, but there is value in that and certainly with him being a 30th round pick a #5 starter would be outstanding.

Baseball Prospectus recently said about Binford:

I saw Binford with his best stuff. He punched out 10 over 7 innings and he was enjoyable. He repeats well surprisingly but doesn't have the dominating stuff. He creates good plane on his FB with run and spots it well. The CH is a work in progress and he needs work maintaining arm speed but the pitch shows the CH action and could miss bats. His command was plus all night and I think he fits well in a backend starter's role. This could be a guy who can sneak into the Top 10 Royals prospects next year.

There could be more fun stuff ahead.