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MLB Draft 2014: Royals and taking the BPA...

What the Royals team and minors could possibly look like if they took the BPA

Ezra Shaw

Drafting is a fickle thing, and doubly so in baseball. Unlike their other sport counterparts, baseball prospects don't immediately plug themselves into the majors save for a few rare exceptions. That's what makes baseball drafts so dang hard and the bust rate as equally dang high.

While "best player available" isn't an exclusive term for baseball, I personally think I hear it more in baseball than any other sports draft. Drafting for team need in the first is generally something that is discouraged and teams generally will take BPA on their respected draft boards. This can be seen as recently as the Cubs, an organization neck deep in hitting prospect and lacking high end pitching prospects, taking Kyle Schwarber, a hitter, with their first selection despite having a crack at basically any pitcher available in the draft that wasn't named Carlos Rodon, Brady Aiken, or Tyler Kolek.

Draft rankings are a fickle thing as well. Not only with the MLB teams, but with the major media pundits. Of all those pundits though, Baseball America is probably the most in depth of them. While this doesn't mean they are the best or most accurate, it does mean that they are the most public and readily available, and for the purpose of this exercise that is indeed a good thing.

So let's do this guys. Let's pretend the Royals took the BPA in every draft. That could be cool, fun, exciting, or perhaps boring if you don't care. If you do in fact don't care then I advise you stop reading right here. Thanks for your time.

Okay are you still reading? Cool. Thanks. I can't guarantee you this will be cool, fun, or exciting, but hey you've come this far right?

Ground rules:

BPA will be based off of Baseball America's pre-draft board. I will do my best to find the most recent one I can find as of that year in case they updated it throughout the spring.

We will go back five players on the BA list for each spot

We'll assume every team takes the BPA available on the list unless the BPA in the five listed spots was actually taken.

Note: I wanted it to be truly the BPA but I lazily didn't want to cross off every pick for two rounds and compare it to the BA list. This way is the best mix of true BPA and BPA according to the list I can think of. I'm sure the initial idea would be more accurate, but if you want to write that article then I'll take credit for the idea and I'll front page it.

This strategy probably won't change the results too much in reality. The biggest effect it will have is on high school guys with signing bonus demands I'd imagine.

BPA will be the immediately best available player still available.

We will select the Royals first two picks

We will select two BPA's at each spot: a hitter and a pitcher. Why? Because I can.

We're just going to assume the Royals have/had the money to sign all these guys.

Any player who didn't actually sign with a club is skipped

Clear on the ground rules? Okay. Let's go.


BA Draft Board

Royals picks:

#17 and #28

BA #17-21

17 Kyle Schwarber C/OF - gone

18 Brandon Finnegan LHP - available

19 Sean Reid-Foley RHP - available

20 Monte Harrison OF - available

21 Jacob Gatewood - available

Royals selection: Brandon Finnegan

BPA selection: Pitcher  - Brandon Finnegan LHP  Hitter - Monte Harrison OF


28 Luis Ortiz RHP - available

29 Casey Gillaspie 1B - gone

30 Alex Blandino 3B -  available

31 Derek Fisher OF - available

32 Kodi Medeiros LHP - gone

Royals selection-  Foster Griffin LHP

BPA selection: Pitcher - Luis Ortiz RHP Hitter - Alex Blandino 3B


BA Draft Board

Royals Picks:

#8 and #34

BA #8-12

8 Braden Shipley RHP available

9 Trey Ball LHP - gone

10 Reese McGuire C - available

11 Hunter Renfroe C - available

12 D.J. Peterson 3B - available

Royals selection: Hunter Dozier SS/3B

BPA selection: Pitcher - Braden Shipley RHP Hitter - Reese McGuire C

BA #34-38

34 Connor Jones RHP - available

35 Kyle Serrano RHP - available

36 Bobby Wahl RHP - available

37 Ryan Eades RHP - available

38 Oscar Mercado SS - available

Royals selection: Sean Manaea LHP

BPA selection: Pitcher - Connor Jones RHP Hitter - Oscar Mercado SS


BA Draft Board

Royals picks:

#5 and #66

BA #5-12 (extended because we needed a hitter)

5 Kevin Gausman RHP - gone

6 Carlos Correa SS - gone

7 Albert Almora OF - gone

8 Michael Wacha RHP - available

9 Lucas Giolito RHP - available

10 Marcus Stroman RHP - available

11 Max Fried LHP - available

12 David Dahl OF - available

Royals selected: Kyle Zimmer RHP

BPA selected: Pitcher - Michael Wacha RHP Hitter - David Dahl OF

BA #66-70

66 Steve Bean C - gone

67 Kevin Plawecki C - gone

68 Travis Jankowski OF - gone

69 Peter O'Brien C - available

70 C.J. Hinojosa SS - available

71 Jesmuel Valentin 2B - gone

72 Alec Rash RHP - skipped

73 James Kaprielian RHP - skipped

74 Derick Velasquez - skipped

75 Edwin Diaz RHP - available

Royals selected: Sam Selman LHP

BPA selected: Pitcher - Edwin Diaz RHP Hitter - Peter O'Brien C


BA Draft Board

Royals picks:

#5 and #65

BA #5-9

5 Trevor Bauer RHP - gone

6 Bubba Starling OF - available

7 Francisco Lindor SS - available

8 Taylor Jungmann RHP - available

9 Archie Bradley RHP - available

Royals selected: Bubba Starling OF

BPA selected: Pitcher - Taylor Jungmann RHP Hitter - Bubba Starling OF

BA #65-72 (extended because we needed a hitter)

65 Brandon Martin SS - gone

66 Derek Fisher OF - skipped

67 Joe Panik 2B - gone

68 Brad Miller SS - gone

69 Adam Conley LHP - available

70 Andrew Gagnon RHP

71 Jace Peterson SS - gone

72 Tyler Marlette C - available

Royals selected: Cam Gallagher C

BPA selected: Pitcher - Adam Conley LHP Hitter - Tyler Marlette C


BA Draft Board

Royals picks:

#4 and #54

BA #4-8

4 Drew Pomeranz LHP - available

5 Chris Sale LHP - available

6 Zack Cox 3B - available

7 Deck McGuire RHP - available

8 Stetson Allie RHP - available

Royals selected: Christian Colon SS

BPA selected: Pitcher - Drew Pomeranz LHP Hitter - Zack Cox 3B

BA #54-60 (extended because we needed a hitter)

54 Jason Adam RHP - available

55 Delino DeShields Jr OF - gone

56 Cam Bedrosian RHP - gone

57 Chance Ruffin, RHP - gone

58 Robbie Aviles RHP - available

59 Aaron Sanchez RHP - gone

60 Micah Gibbs C - available

Royals selected: Jason Adam RHP

BPA selected: Pitcher - Jason Adam RHP Hitter - Micah Gibbs C


BA Draft Board

Royals picks:

#12 and #91

BA #12-17 (extended because we needed a pitcher)

12 Zack Wheeler RHP - gone

13 Grant Green SS - available

14 Mike Leake RHP - gone

15 Tim Wheeler OF - available

16 Bobby Borchering 3B - available

17 Rex Brothers LHP - available

Royals selected: Aaron Crow - RHP

BPA selected: Pitcher - Rex Brothers LHP Hitter - Grant Green SS

BA #91-96 (extended because we needed a hitter)

91 Jeff Kobernus 2B - gone

92 Kendal Volz RHP - available

93 Bryan Berglund RHP - gone

94 Matt den Dekker OF - skipped

95 J.R. Murphy C - gone

96 Luke Bailey C - available

Royals selected: Wil Myers C

BPA selected: Pitcher - Kendal Volz RHP Hitter - Luke Bailey C


BA Draft Board

Royals picks:

#3 and #36

BA #3-7

3 Tim Beckham SS - gone

4 Buster Posey C - available

5 Aaron Crow RHP - available

6 Gordon Beckham SS - availble

7 Eric Hosmer 1B - available

Royals selected: Eric Hosmer 1B

BPA selected: Pitcher - Aaron Crow RHP Hitter - Buster Posey C

BA #36-40

36 Isaac Galloway OF - available

37 Brett Lawrie OF/IF - gone

38 Allan Dykstra 1B - gone

39 Wade Miley LHP - available

40 Mike Montgomery LHP - available

Royals selected: Mike Montgomery LHP

BPA selected: Pitcher - Wade Miley LHP Hitter - Isaac Galloway OF


BA Draft Board

Royals picks:

#2 and #66

BA #2-6

2 Matt Wieters C - available

3 Josh Vitters 3B - available

4 Rick Porcello RHP - available

5 Mike Moustakas SS - available

6 Ross Detwiler LHP - available

Royals selected: Mike Moustakas SS

BPA selected: Pitcher - Rick Porcello RHP Hitter - Matt Wieters C

BA #66-72 (extended because we needed a hitter)

66 Kellen Kulbacki OF - gone

67 Kevin Patterson 1B/C - skipped

68 Scott Moviel RHP - available

69 Jordan Walden RHP - skipped

70 Sam Demel RHP - available

71 Neil Ramirez RHP - gone

72 Johnathan Lucroy C - available

Royals selected: Sam Runion RHP

BPA selected: Pitcher Scott Moviel RHP Hitter - Johnathan Lucroy C


Royals picks:

#1 and #45

BA #1-5

1 Andrew Miller LHP - available

2 Tim Lincecum RHP - available

3 Brad Lincoln RHP - available

4 Evan Longoria 3B/2B - available

5 Greg Reynolds RHP - available

Royals selected: Luke Hochevar RHP

BPA selected: Pitcher - Andrew Miller LHP Hitter - Evan Longoria 3B/2B

BA #45-49

45 Kris Johnson LHP - gone

46 Chris Perez RHP - gone

47 Jason Place OF - gone

48 Dallas Buck RHP - available

49 Emmanuel Burriss SS - gone

50 Steven Wright RHP - available

51 Jared Mitchell OF - skipped

52 Wes Hodges 3B - available

Royals selected: Jason Taylor SS

BPA selected: Pitcher - Dallas Buck RHP Hitter - Wes Hodges 3B


BA Draft Board

Royals Picks:

#2 and #50

BA #2-6

2 Alex Gordon 3B - available

3 Cameron Maybin OF - available

4 Troy Tulowitzki SS - available

5 Mike Pelfrey RHP - available

6 Luke Hochevar RHP - available

Royals selected: Alex Gordon 3B

BPA selected: Pitcher - Mike Pelfrey RHP Hitter - Alex Gordon 3B

BA #50-54

50 Sean O'Sullivan RHP - available

51 Clay Buchholz RHP - gone

52 Craig Italiano RHP - available

53 Brett Hayes C/OF - available

54 Josh Lindblom RHP - skipped

Royals selected: Jeff Bianchi SS

BPA selected: Pitcher - Sean O'Sullivan RHP Hitter - Brett Hayes C/OF

BPA Pitcher System:

Michael Wacha RHP

Aaron Crow RHP

Rick Porcello RHP

Wade Miley LHP

Drew Pomeranz LHP

Sean O'Sullivan RHP

Mike Pelfrey RHP

Dallas Buck RHP

Rex Brothers LHP

Jason Adam RHP 

Andrew Miller LHP

Scott Moviel RHP

Taylor Jungmann RHP

Edwin Diaz RHP 

Braden Shipley RHP

Luis Ortiz RHP

Brandon Finnegan LHP

Kendal Volz RHP

Adam Conley LHP 

Connor Jones RHP

So the Royals still get Aaron Crow, Jason Adam, and Sean O'Sullivan (without having to trade for him).

The winners here are Michael Wacha and perhaps Rick Porcello.

BPA Hitter System:

Evan Longoria 3B/2B

Matt Wieters C

Alex Gordon 3B

Buster Posey C

Johnathan Lucroy CE

Brett Hayes C/OF

Luke Bailey C

Grant Green SS

Monte Harrison OF

Micah Gibbs C

Isaac Galloway OF

David Dahl OF

Oscar Mercado SS

Zack Cox 3B

Wes Hodges 3B

Tyler Marlette C

Alex Blandino 3B

Bubba Starling OF

Peter O'Brien C

Reese McGuire C

Royals still select Bubba Starling, Alex Gordon, and Brett Hayes.

Lot of winners here with Longoria, Posey, Weiters, Gordon and Lucroy.

True BPA Pool (first player available regardless of position):

Buster Posey C

Alex Gordon 3B

Matt Weiters C

Michael Wacha RHP

Drew Pomeranz LHP

Brandon Finnegan LHP

Luis Ortiz RHP

Braden Shipley RHP

Connor Jones RHP

Pete O'Brien C

Bubba Starling OF

Adam Conley LHP

Jason Adam RHP

Grant Green SS

Kendal Volz RHP

Isaac Galloway OF

Scott Moviel RHP

Andrew Miller LHP

Dallas Buck RHP

Sean O'Sullivan RHP

Royals still get Starling, O'Sullivan and Gordon.

Winners here are Posey, Weiters, and Wacha.