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Four hour rain delay interrupted by baseball - Royals lose 6-2

Fans paid good money to watch the groundskeeping crew put up a tarp, and yet were subjected instead to 82 mph fastballs and lackluster play.

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Ed Zurga

If you were all pumped up at about 1 p.m. Central Time to watch Yordano Ventura throw fire, well, some other night is for you. But if you were pumped up to watch four hours of rain falling, brother, this day was made for you!

The Royals and Angels snuck in four innings of baseball before those fans that paid good money to watch rain fall noticed. The Angels got an RBI single by Albert Pujols in the third, and an RBI single in the fourth by David Freese in the fourth to take a 2-0 lead. Meanwhile, the Royals did nothing against struggling starter Hector Santiago. Then, the rains came.

And came.

And came some more.

I took a nap.

I watched an entire World Cup match.

I read all of "Throwback: A Big League Catcher Tells How the Game is Really Played" by Jason Kendall and Lee Judge.

Finally, at about 6:30, they resumed play after a four hour rain delay. Well, one team resumed play. The Royals looks listless with no energy as they went through the motions for the last five innings. Bruce Chen relieved Ventura, and gave up four runs in the sixth to pretty much put the game away. Chen wasn't exactly pounded either, he had some lackluster defense behind him, including a play at home plate where Alex Gordon's throw beat the runner easily, but Salvador Perez seemed uninterested in catching the ball and making the tag.

Chen did pitch admirably the rest of the way, collecting eight strikeouts over five innings of work, but it was pretty much ceremonial at that point as the game had long been decided. The Royals managed just a pair of runs in the sixth, and two runs overall in a disappointing 6-2 loss.