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Leaked Astros trade documents reveal a bit about Royals moves

Deadspin has acquired notes on potential trades from the Astros front office, with a few tidbits on the Royals.

Scott Halleran

The Astros front office has either been hacked or has a mole, because their front office communications regarding potential player transactions has been leaked to In this treasure trove of information we get some really juicy details:

[Luhnow] talked to [Marlins GM Dan Jennings] and said we had interest in Stanton. DJ said he doesn't think he'll trade Stanton and the only deal he could think of from us that would work would be Springer and Correa. JL said that would not work. JL posited a deal around Cosart and Deshields.

Holy moly. A deal of Giancarlo Stanton for George Springer and Carlos Correa would have been amazing.

The deals involving the Royals are less sexy.

"10/17/2014","KC expressed ""mild"" interest in Jimmy Paredes as an inventory type player."

"10/18/2014","DS emailed Dean Taylor asking for either Christian Binford or Julio Pinto."

10/22/2014","KC said no to Binford or Pinto and responded with Ogando or Diekroeger. We said no. DS asked for Jack Lopez.

I assume these are supposed to be 2013, not comments from the future, unless the Astros have TRULY revolutionized the game. The Astros interest in Binford is somewhat reassuring to me. I'm not entirely clear if the Astros were wanting those minor leaguers in exchange for Paredes, but its good the Royals held off, as Paredes was available for Kansas City to claim off waivers in February.

""11/7/2013"," DS spoke to Dean Taylor: DT said their first priority is to keep their current SP in place. They would like to bring back Santana and Chen but don't know if that's possible. They expect their payroll to be at $85MM next year. They would also like to add a bat in RF."

Not a big surprise. The Royals were at least telling teams they were interested in bringing back Ervin Santana. The Royals would end up blowing past that $85 million payroll projection with a $92 million Opening Day payroll.

"11/5/2013","COL is looking for a corner bat (they bid $63 on Abreu), a starter and bullpen help. They want to keep their core together and so would rather address their needs through free agency, but they may be pushed into trading Dexter Fowler. They have received inquiries (KC is one) and aren't ruling it out."

Fowler was acquired for pitcher Jordan Lyles and outfielder Brandon Barnes, so the Royals probably could have topped that (Danny Duffy and David Lough?) rather easily had they wanted Fowler. Fowler is a good on-base guy with decent pop and would have played well in this park, although at a much higher salary ($7.35 million) than Nori Aoki.

There are some juicier details related to other teams, but nothing too earth-shattering. There is confirmation the Angels were willing to deal Howie Kendrick and the Mets were listening on Dan Murphy, for those of you that thought acquiring one of them was a preferable solution to our second base needs.