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2014 MLB Draft: The Final Mocks

A look at the major pundits final mock drafts

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

The second best thing about draft day, other than the draft, is that there's generally a slew of final mock drafts. The writers can get one final report from their "sources" and then take everything they've heard and bundle it into a final mock.

While mocks are just that, essentially guesses, they generally have some good info they are working with such as players that have worked out for the club, guys that have had deals worked out, and the guys asking for larger bonuses.

This morning the three major prospect reporting sites (Baseball America, Baseball Prospectus, and ESPN) released their final mock drafts.

Baseball America:

17: Plan A for Kansas City would be Forrest Wall, who had a great predraft workout with the team, but he might have too much helium to get to them now. The Royals would then take aim at high school lefthanders such as Foster Griffin and Kodi Medeiros with their second selection. In this scenario, though, they might have to double up on arms. Prep outfielder and uberathlete Monte Harrison is also a possibility, but the apparent failure of the Bubba Starling experiment will probably make them gunshy.

Projected Pick: LHP Foster Griffin

This is good news to me. I heard that they worked out a group of guys, but didn't hear who it was specifically. Glad to see Forrest Wall was in that group. I love Forrest Wall and I think he's going to hit whether he's a second baseman, outfielder, or general manager. If he's #1 on our board then huzzah. He'll probably only need to make it past the Top 10 to really be in play for the Royals.

28: As usual, we're giving the Royals Kodi Medeiros here, even though we had them taking Griffin with the first pick. They also could go with Harrison, as previously discussed.

Projected Pick: LHP Kodi Medeiros

No surprise here and nothing really to say any further on this matter. Just for shoots and giggles, I'd love for Medeiros to be "popped" before our pick at #28.

Keith Law (ESPN):

17: The Royals want a bat here, aren't on the college bats I think will be available here, and tend to favor prep hitters with upside anyway. If Kodi Medeiros gets to 28, he stops there with the Royals' second pick.

Projected Pick: OF Derek Hill

If Wall is truly on the Royals draft board then I'd imagine they'd grab him over Hill considering Wall is the better hitter and could play OF. Perhaps not as well as Hill, as he's a good centerfielder, but Wall is the better prep bat.

Baseball Prospectus (Technically Perfect Game):

17: The Royals know that if they don't take Medeiros-a pitcher they have long coveted-with this pick it's very unlikely that he lasts until their next one 11 spots later, especially considering Medeiros may very well not even make it this far.

Projected Pick: LHP Kodi Medeiros

Interesting to see PG think the Royals snag Medeiros early.

28: The Royals are connected to numerous high school pitchers, including Medeiros, their projected first pick of the draft at no. 17, as well as Jacob Bukauskas, who may be lessening his initially lofty demands. Griffin offers great value at this spot and gives the organization two high-potential left-handers to look forward to.

Projected Pick: LHP Forrest Griffin

40: Reports indicate that Bukauskas' initial letter informing teams not to draft him due to his desire to attend North Carolina may have been overplayed. Either way, if the Royals are able to get three pitchers the caliber of Medeiros, Griffin, and Bukauskas into their system, they should be pleased with that effort.

Projected Pick: RHP Jacob Bukauskas

I don't see the Royals taking 3 prep pitchers with their first three picks, especially since Bukauskas is A) a signability concern and B) probably not the BPA there but hey crazier things have happened.