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OT Friday Open Thread: Draft Day

New Royals players are here! More guys to disappoint us!

Jamie Squire

The draft is here, an exciting day for hardcore baseball fans, especially those of small market, losing teams. New players gives us hope, and I've been told that hope never dies. Or it floats. Or something like that.

We get bombarded with terms like "plus offerings", "projectability", "pitchability", "hit tool", "light-tower power" and "bulldog." These are just ways of reminding you that the experts know what they are talking about, for they have inside baseball terms! The truth is, this is a highly unpredictable market, where a thousand variables come into play. If a player busts, it might be the team's fault....or it might not. We just don't know. Still...its fun to dream, isn' it?

Four Questions with A Good Feel for Pitching

1. What is one baseball skill or trait you want most in a player and/or pitcher?

2. What's a simple recipe I can make for dinner tonight?

3. What buzzwords do people use in your industry to make themselves feel smart?

4. What prospect were you the most disappointed to see fail?

BONUS: We have been discussing possibly doing a Royals Review podcast. Is that something you would listen to? Any advice, tips, technical knowledge you could share with us if we decide to go through with this?

BONUS TOO: June, July, or August?


See how many fictional bands/musicians you can identify  the source material (TV show/movie/book, etc.) from:

1. Jesse and the Rippers

2. Kathleen Turner Overdrive

3. Autobahn

4. The Wonders

5. Ray Pruitt

6. Rayna James

7. Sex Bob-omb

8. Crucifictorious

9. Three Times One Minus One

10. Dingoes Ate My Baby

11. Hot Sundae

12. Stillwater

13. Robin Sparkles

14. The Horndogs

15. Faith +1

16. The New Originals

17. Phish Tahko

18. Scum of the Earth

19. Party Posse

20. Rex Manning

21. The Max Rebo Band

22. The Folksmen

23. Hey, That’s My Bike

24. Dr. Teeth and Electric Mayhem

25. The Good Ole Boys

26. Sexual Chocolate

I'll post the answers below in spoiler font.