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OT: Yankees-Royals Rainout open thread

I don't think the heavy stuff is coming down for awhile.

Jamie Squire

Thousands of Royals fans wanted to come out to the K tonight to witness what could be the last time we see former Baker University pitcher Vidal Nuno pitch at Kauffman Stadium. But Mother Nature had other plans.

This is the last scheduled visit to Kansas City for the Yankees, but both teams have open dates on June 26 and August 25. The important thing is that we are able to give Derek Jeter is ceremonial burnt ends or shuttlecocks or whatever silly thing we picked up at the "Best of Kansas City" gift store.

Four Doppler Radar Questions

1. Any good stories about being out in the rain?

2. Who will win the World Cup?

3. Who will represent Kansas City at the All-Star Game?

4. A KISS-themed restaurant just opened in Overland Park. What band or musician should have a restaurant themed in their honor?