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OT - World Cup Open Thread - U.S. vs. Belgium

Much has been made about boycotting Belgian waffles and Belgian beer this week, but lets not forget a boycott of chemicals, finished diamonds, metals and metal products, and foodstuffs, the leading exports of Belgium.

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Its the United States vs. Belgium in the knockout round, so no losing today, because we're Americans and we're WINNERS. Belgium has a young, talented team that have looked inconsistent in Brazil thus far, while the Americans have played surprisingly well with a young club of their own.

The match starts at 3 p.m. CT and is available on ESPN and Univision, with live-streaming free at Watch ESPN and

SB Nation has your complete World Cup coverage.

United States vs. Belgium preview. American striker Jozy Altidore is expected to play while Belgium is hit with injuries.

How to watch U.S.A. vs. Belgium.

Who should start up top against Belgium?

Assuming Altidore can't start, and it seems unlikely he can, Klinsmann needs to determine whether Bradley can play well with Dempsey as a lone striker. If he thinks so, Dempsey will be the pick up top again, but if not, Johannsson and Wondolowski come into the picture and Klinsmann has to project what kind of game the U.S. is going to find themselves in. Going up against a team as good as Belgium, and one predicated on pure power, makes this a match where Altidore would be most valuable, but Klinsmann is unlikely to have that option. But, while his other three options are not ideal, none will doom the U.S.

Three things to watch for in the US. vs. Belgium match.

Where Bradley's receiving the ball will tell you everything about what Klinsmann wants to accomplish. If he's getting the ball from the center backs a lot, they're defending through possession. If he's playing box-to-box, The U.S. are balancing defense and counter-attacking. If he's close to the strikers, the U.S. is trying to win the possession battle as a means of attacking.

Five reasons to hate Belgium for a day. Belgian waffles are gross anyway.

The ultimate U.S. vs. Belgium hype video.

Video of 232 kids with cancer chanting the "I BELIEVE" U.S. soccer chant.

Mike Tyson wants to pump you up for American soccer.