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Game 91: Detroit Tigers vs. Kansas City Royals GameThread

The 27th semiprime will bring us good fortune.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

A semiprime number is a number that is the product of two prime numbers. In 91's case, it is the product of 7 and 13. 91's only factors are 1,7,13, and 91. 91 is 27th such number, thus making it the 27th semiprime. In a funny quirk of fate, 91 is also the sum of the squares of the first six positive numbers. 1^2 + 2^2 + ... + 6^2 = 91.

The Royals head into tonight's game against the Detroit Tigers sporting a 3-6 record against them with one postponement. Therefore, the 27th semiprime, being the 27th semiprime number, will bring us good fortune due to this math: 9 total games * 3 wins = 27. Science. Math. Can't refute it.

Other interesting facts about the number 91 include that it is the atomic number for protactinium. Protactinium is generally formed by the decay of uranium, but due to its scarcity, toxicity, and radioactivity, it's not used for anything good. It's also really expensive despite the fact that it's apparently useless outside of scientific research. the Royals have anyone who is expensive but not performing up to expectations, like protactinium?

Certainly not Salvadong Perezence. That guy destroys baseballs in a manner that protactinium never will. Consider Salvador Perez the first semiprime, with Alex Gordon being the prime.

The Royals sit 4.5 games behind the opponents for tonight's contest. This is a fairly crucial series before heading into the All-Star break, and we're stuck with Ibanez in left field. That'll be confusing; Alex "Prime" Gordon should be there. Stupid wrists. Losing further ground to the Tigers would be sad. Not quite "Brazil losing to Germany" sad, though. More like "one beer will fix this pretty easily" sad.

Jeremy Guthrie (4.02/4.71/4.44 ERA/FIP/xFIP) faces Drew Smyly (3.89/4.24/4.13). Could this be any more exciting? Yes. Yes it could.

Here is your lineup for the 27th semiprime contest:

Due to the fear placed into the hearts of the Tigers by the semiprime protactinium phenomenon, Detroit has contracted ghosts to play tonight:

Ethereality is assured.