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OT Friday Thread: Saved from oblivion to eat gator

It's time to get weird.

Marianna Massey

I've yet to pack a thing for the weekend excursion I'm leaving on, so let's get down to business.

1. The Royals just returned from St. Petersburg, Russia, which I've always heard is a beautiful city but is obviously a bit unconventional as a travel destination for Americans. What non-traditional destination are you most wanting to travel to, and why there?

2. I have been obsessively watching Hannibal, which is brilliant. If you've not seen it, the cooking segments are fantastic. What is the most exotic meat you've eaten?

3. In light of Hannibal and last night's bloodbath, what is the most horrifying thing you've ever laid eyes on?

4. With Yahoo! coming out of nowhere to save Community and bring us a sixth season [and a movie?], what show do wish the internet would save from oblivion?

5. I am heading to a small town in the west Texas desert to see Bonnie "Prince" Billy this weekend. This the same town in which I saw Jeff Tweedy in a room of about 250 people. What is the farthest you have traveled for a concert [non-festival]? What is the weirdest place you've ever seen a show?

Boner #1: What's the best BBQ you've ever had?

Boner #2: What's the best fried chicken you can get in less than a half hour drive/trip?