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Open Thread - Home Run Derby and Miscellany

Talking dong hanging and random nonsense.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

While the prospect of listening to Chris Berman run his mouth for two hours an eternity is probably enough to scare many of us off, the prospect of majestic dongs being hung left, right, and center may be enough to get us to tune in while listening to something else. While the real story of the weekend Joey Gallo isn't taking part in the Derby, you might get to see Mike Giancarlo Stanton crush balls in ways that only leather-clad dominatrices can.

Questions to answer while you think about maybe watching a bunch of players act like dudebros at the beach while other dudes hang dong:

1. Will Oldham's (Bonnie "Prince" Billy) stage presence wasn't quite what I expected when I saw him this weekend. While it was neither a good nor bad mark against him, he kicked his feet about semi-theatrically, which surprised me. What artist that you have seen gave the most unexpected performance?

2. Having put my back out simply driving to west Texas, what is the lamest injury you've ever had?

3. We went to the McDonald Observatory and saw a bunch of space things. What's your favorite nerd tourism destination you've been to and why?

Boner #1: Giancarlo Stanton or Joey Gallo?

Boner #2: Michael Mann or Brett Ratner?