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Thursday Off Topic Thread: Again, for good measure

I seem to do these a lot. Thursdays lack baseball.

I wonder how far along he is.
I wonder how far along he is.
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

With the All Star week festivities coming to a conclusion, the world readies itself for the second technically incorrect half of baseball. The Royals begin their march toward the Plaza Parade against the Boston Red Sox.

Funny enough, as I'm typing these words, I'm up in Boston Red Sox territory. Not in Boston, though; New Hampshire. It's been rainy, incredibly humid, and there are bugs everywhere in excess of what I expect from a rainy, humid, bug-filled evening in KC. Seriously-we opened the door to the house we're renting just to walk in after dinner, and plagues entered the house and ascended to attack the ceiling lights with their bodies. Why do people live here, again? Lobsters or something?

I won't provide much prologue for today's main event. Like I said, I'm not in KC. I'm technically on vacation, though by the time you read this, my vacation is probably over. I'm speaking to you through the space-time continuum. At least you have that.


1) I was in NH with my wife for a wedding. If you were getting married, and money were not a problem, and your spouse couldn't say no, what would be the outlandish thing you would have in the wedding?

2) What would be your most highly-recommended regional food? For example, you might say Kansas City BBQ or Maine lobster. Now you can't say those things, so say different things.

3) I like Oreos. They're the best. Anything you say otherwise is invalid. What's the second best snack-type food? Pop Tarts are excluded due to their status as King of Basement Dweller Pastry Snacks.


If Derek Jeter and Floyd Mayweather had a child, would that be the most classiest, honorablest, gamblingest, dirtiest, awesomest child ever in sports?