A Brief History of Royals Team Meetings

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Though Yost did call a team meeting to address the players after the loss. So there is that.

Problem solved. So let's go to the history books on this matter to set our expectations.

KC Star, 8/23/2013: "The Royals delayed opening their clubhouse for nearly 30 minutes beyond the mandated time to conduct an afternoon meeting in the wake of a 2-8 skid that had included just 11 hits in 86 at-bats with runners in scoring position going into Friday's game."

Before: 2-8 / After: 6-4. The first game after the team meeting? the Royals lost, 11-10. They lost the next day too. Dropping to 64-64. They decided to just demote Wade Davis from the rotation instead of holding another meeting.

Money Quote: "Forget all of the reasons, Forget all of the excuses. It’s time to produce.", 6/26/2013: "The Royals held a team meeting prior to batting practice on Wednesday, but manager Ned Yost wasn't giving out many details."

Before: 1-5 / After: 3-3. A few days after the meeting, they got rid of Jeff Francoeur instead of holding another meeting.

Money quote: "We're doing a lot of things good, There were just some things we wanted to talk about. No big earth-shattering, no screaming, no raising any voices. We're about at the halfway point and it was more discussing where we've been and where we're going, more than anything else.", 7/21/2012: "With the Royals losing 14 of 18 entering Saturday, Yost called a team meeting before the game."

Before: 4-14 / After: 9-9. The Royals released Yuniesky Betancourt, dropped Jose Mijares and fired Doug Sisson suddenly in early August 2012 instead of calling another meeting.

Money quote: "We just talked about a few things, Team meetings for me are kind of private affairs between 25 guys and the coaching staff. I'll just leave it at that"

KC Star, 5/24/2011: "First-base coach Doug Sisson had a meeting with the players before Sunday’s game to address a rash of recent base-running gaffes."

Before: Base-running gaffes / After: Probably fewer base-running gaffes.

Money quote: "We’re just cleaning some things up and going over some things"

KC Star, 7/18/2010: "Royals manager Ned Yost called a team meeting after the game, and really, he couldn’t help it."

Before: 0-6. / After: 6-8. The Royals dropped Jose Guillen in early August 2010, leading to the ferocious several months of regular Kila Ka'aihue in the Royals lineup.

Money quote: "We had a nice little bounce back in the ninth, but if our intensity was a little bit greater in the first eight innings we might have won that game."

KC Star, 5/30/2007: "Now, reality is hitting in the form of an ugly six-game losing streak in which they've been outscored 51-13. The Royals ' response? Before Tuesday's game, they had a position-players-only meeting"

Before: 0-6 / After: 2-4.

Money Quote: "I wish I had all the answers, We gotta pitch better. We gotta hit better."

KC Star, 4/24/2005: "When the Royals walked into their clubhouse Saturday afternoon, they saw a new teammate - relief pitcher Ambiorix Burgos. But there was a problem. None of the players, particularly the pitchers, had been informed of who was being sent down or released. But after a team meeting that lasted more than half an hour, Nate Field knew he was the pitcher being optioned to Omaha."

Before: 1-6 / After: 0-6. A few weeks afterwards, Tony Pena vanished.

Money Quote: "I had a meeting with my ballclub and tried to let them know that we are better than what we have shown"

KC Star, 7/4/2004: "Outfielder Matt Stairs, one of the Royals ' few remaining healthy veterans, called a team meeting before Saturday's game in an effort to rouse the club from its current slide"

Before: 1-8 / After: 4-5. The same article said Juan Gonzalez hoped to return post-ASG. He never played for KC again.

Money Quote: "It was just to put people in their places, including me, It was a little wakeup call."

KC Star, 5/19/2003: "For nearly 40 minutes Sunday morning, the Royals closed their clubhouse for a morale-boosting team meeting. The recent slide prompted manager Tony Pena to call the first team meeting since the season started before the Royals ' 4-3 loss to Toronto."

Before: 1-4 / After: 1-4. The team hovered around .500 for the next 3 weeks and went on a roll post-Jose Lima in June.

Money quote: "Basically, it was just to review what we've been doing so far this season, I just wanted to let them know the bad things we've been doing lately and that's about it"

So expectations game?

Somebody gonna get traded

*checks calendar*

Oh yeah, that's obvious. Isn't it?

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