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Royals lose shocker in Chi-town and are shutdown by Chris Sale 3 - 1

Hello, darkness, my old friend. Is this irrelevance again?

Sale was so relaxed against the impotent Royals that he did calisthenics part way through the game.
Sale was so relaxed against the impotent Royals that he did calisthenics part way through the game.
Jonathan Daniel

Take a good look. This is what "all-in" looks like.

Or better yet, look away. This is what "all-in" looks like.

The Royals faced lefty Chris Sale. Of American League starting pitchers with at least 90 IP, only Felix Hernandez had a better ERA or FIP heading into today's action. By the time Sale's evening was done, his ERA was down another 0.05 points to 2.03, and his FIP dropped 0.07 points to 2.43.

The Pale Hoes plated two runs in the home half of the first inning.

One could spend time writing more, but really what more needs to be written? Anyone paying even a modicum of attention to this team knows that two runs in support of a left-handed pitcher of Chris Sale's caliber is enough when the Royals are the opposition.

Jeremy Guthrie pitched for the Royals.

Some Royals scattered hits around.

Did I mention that Chris Sale pitched?

Obviously the Royals lost. The ending was written before the first ball was tossed. They plated a run. At some point. Alex Gordon was the one who scored. He looked good at the plate.

But really who gives a damn? There's little to root for other than the Royals maybe being bad enough to get Dayton Moore fired. This isn't a playoff team. It hasn't been at any point this season.

The White Sox scored three runs. The Royals scored one.

The Royals are now a game ahead of the fourth-place White Sox in the American League Central. If the Tigers hold on to win in Arizona, the Royals will be eight games back with 63 games to play. As the Royals have dropped seven of their last eight and plummet further into the familiar territory of complete irrelevance by the trade deadline, their chances in what had been a wide open race for the Wild Card in a mediocre American League have similarly plummeted.

It's been clear to nearly every one of the Royals Review faithful that Moore was never going to be able to build a REAL winner in Kansas City. Too bad none of the people making decisions for the Royals can figure this out.

Irrelevance in year nine. That's clearly what this has all been building towards.