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Royals Rumblings - News for July 24, 2014

Home of the GM that isn't exactly known for his connection to reality.

Jonathan Daniel

Royals Rumblings - News for July 24, 2014

Fear not, despite a up-and-down season, Ned Yost sleeps well at night.

"Vitamin B, baby," he said. "It makes you sleep good. I read somewhere during spring training that vitamin B helps you sleep. I'm sleeping better than I've slept in 10 years.

"In Milwaukee, I got four hours (of sleep) a night. For two years, I never even had a dream. You would sleep but never get the deep sleep. And then when you wake up, you can't get back to sleep. "Sleeping good now. But your mind never stops going over the club and thinking what you can do."

Clark Fosler argues Dayton needs to go big or go home, either be sellers, be buyers, but do something.

What I fear the most and, frankly, expect the most is for Dayton Moore to neither buy nor sell. We will be told that there just wasn’t the value for value trade out there. That this group is good enough and ‘we like are team’ and whatever clumsy rhetoric this organization will toss out to us.

The Royals will have a nice little hot streak, get close, and then fall back: probably end up 84-78 and be set up in 2015 to win 84 or 85 wins again. It’s better than losing 100 games a year, but it will get really, really annoying three or four years in a row. Buy or sell.

Pick one, but for godssake do one or the other in a big way.

Chris Kamler at Pine Tar Press has thrown in the towel. The Royals will never be good.

The Royals aren’t a Billy Butler trade away from making the playoffs. They aren’t "one big hit away" and they aren’t a manager or general manager swap away either. The entire foundation of this club is broken, impotent and completely unable to achieve success.

Accept it. Be okay with it....

Once you achieve that acceptance you might be able to love your team again. What you’re doing is not love. It’s embittered hatred. You can love the Royals again. You can go to a game at Kauffman Stadium for the green grass and the smell of BBQ and hot dogs. You can visit the Hall of Fame and not exit depressed. You can achieve all of these sensations and feelings. You only need to make one change...

You need to realize that the Royals will never, ever win again. You might save yourself eighty years of unnecessary pain and suffering AND get yourself a nifty Royals coffin at the end of your journey.

Bruce Chen tied Mariano Rivera for most wins by a Panamanian-born pitcher, which means he is as good as Mariano Rivera.

Sean Manaea had a very encouraging start for Wilmington this week.

Dave Cameron at Fangraphs writes about the second Wild Card trap, a trap the Royals find themselves in.

Jeff Francoeur was pranked again. I thought the prank was going to be he has to play for the San Diego Padres now.

Across the parking lot, the Chiefs are heading to training camp, and just inked their best player to a contract, avoiding a holdout.

The three greatest inventions of the 21st century were the internet, the polio vaccine, and the high-five. Watch this 30 for 30 short on the birth of the high-five by baseball's Glenn Burke. I only wonder - who invented the "down low, you're too slow"?

Who are the most popular Star Wars characters? Did you really need Fivethirtyeight to run the numbers to tell you Jar-Jar Binks was the least popular? Even Darth Vader leads all the 2016 Presidential candidates.

Jack White is a very upset Cubs fan. Cheer up Jack. Your song of the day is his "Love Interruption".