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Royals Rumblings - News for July 25, 2014

Where every Royals Rumblings is perfect.

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Royals Rumblings - News for July 25, 2014

ESPN's Jayson Stark reports the Royals are pretty determined to land a right-handed rightfield bat.

Teams that have talked to the Royals say they have called on just about every right-handed hitter who might be available. But they're mostly focused on right fielders, which means their options essentially come down to [Marlon] Byrd, Alex Rios, Dayan Viciedo, Chris Denorfia and possibly [Ben] Zobrist. But the White Sox would want an extra return to deal Viciedo in the division. And it's doubtful the Royals would see Denorfia's one homer and .612 OPS as much of an upgrade. So other clubs expect the Royals to zero in on Byrd and Rios in the next week and make the best deal they can make.

Mike Petrillo of ESPN adds that by being buyers at the deadline, the Royals are making a big mistake.

The point here isn't to toss out endless numbers and rankings, but rather to show just how average the Royals are. This isn't a bad team by any means; it's just not a team that's built to win a championship. The baserunning and defense are good, the pitching is acceptable and the offense is mediocre. Put that all together, and it checks in as a distinctly .500 team.

We saw a brief cameo from Hosmer last night, but he is still unable to swing a bat due to a hand injury. I didn't think I'd say this a month ago, but I miss Eric Hosmer, and he doesn't know when he'll return to the lineup.

Manager Ned Yost has characterized Hosmer as "day-to-day," the catch-all phrase for an uncertain length of time. Yost explained the team could not prescribe Hosmer a pain-killing injection to reduce the inflammation. They would have to treat the bruise with heat and ice and hope for Hosmer to bounce back.

"You can’t really inject it, because it’s so big," Yost said. "It’s the size of a baseball. It’s not defined."


Rob Neyer thinks the time is ripe for the Royals to deal Greg Holland.

David Hill at Kings of Kauffman writes Cuban free agent outfielder Rusney Castillo could be a fit for the Royals.

A doubles hitter with gap power, a line drive swing and the ability to steal bases? That type of player sounds remarkably like the type of players that Dayton Moore has acquired during his tenure in Kansas City. Even though Rusney Castillo was primarily a center fielder in Cuba, he could possibly be moved to a corner outfield position. As Nori Aoki is a free agent at the end of the season, Castillo may be an interesting player for the Royals to consider.

As someone who appears to profile more as a leadoff or second hitter in the lineup, Castillo does not appear as though he would receive anything near the type of contract that Puig or Abreu were signed for after their defections. However, a four or five year contract for anywhere between $20 to $25 Million may be the type of offer that Castillo receives.

How obsessed are you about winning David Glass?

The Phillies are trying hard to trade albatross contract Ryan Howard, a washed up slugger who has devolved into a replacement level player. Royals special adviser to the General Manager Mike Arbuckle drafted Ryan Howard, a Missouri State alum. Put two and two together folks.

Former Royals favorite Chuck Knoblauch is doing great.

I BELIEVE. I BELIEVE THAT. I BELIEVE THAT Kansas City, Kansas was named the site of a new national soccer training facility for the U.S. Soccer Federation and national teams.

My beloved alma mater has fired its band director for allowing a "sexualized" culture. The memo is worth the read just to imagine Ohio State President Dr. Michael Drake saying "Pat Fenis."

A billboard for "Better Call Saul", the spinoff series from the creators of "Breaking Bad" has popped up in Albequerque and features a phone number for Saul Goodman (or is it James McGill?)

What's the next big food trend? Baseball player themed-BBQ sauces?

This guy is....particular. He's single, ladies.

Your song of the day is "Indians" by Anthrax. Cry, cry, cry for the Indians.