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OT Friday Thread: Lawler / Brown Gateway edition

Getting off [topic]

Bruce Bennett

1. Which non-Royal of yore do you most wish had suited up for the Royals?

2. My back is killing me. What injury / ailment do you deal with on a recurring basis?

3. If you could excise one thing that you can't seem to give up from your life, what would it be?

4. I'm heading home for the first time in five years. This means I'll be bouncing around like a pinball for two weeks. What obligation do you most dread?

5. With the perfect (on paper) gateway fight of Robbie Lawler versus Matt Brown this weekend on Fox, what gateway drug/song/episode would you use to get strangers into the under-appreciated thing you most love?

Boner #1: George Takei or Wil Wheaton?

Boner #2: Chris Pine or Chris Pratt?