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Saturday's Royals-Indians game nationally televised on Fox Sports 1

Tonight's game will not be on Fox Sports Kansas City, but rather nationally televised on Fox Sports 1. You still get Rex though.

Jeffrey Phelps

Just a programming note, Saturday night's Indians-Royals game will not be televised on Fox Sports Kansas City, but will rather be a nationally televised game on Fox Sports 1. Fox Sports 1 is Fox's answer to ESPN and is available on most cable providers:

AT&T Uverse Kansas City - Channel 652 (SD), 1652 (HD)

Time Warner Cable Kansas City- Channel 75 (SD), 400 (HD)

Surewest Kansas City - Channel 34 (SD), 668 (HD)

Comcast Olathe, Independence - Channel 32 (SD), 878 (HD)

Google Fiber - Channel 207

Directv - Channel 219

DISH Network - Channel 150

Don't worry, Rex Hudler will still on the call, but he will be teamed with Fox Sports 1 broadcaster Justin Kutcher.