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OT Monday Thread: No Game, No Pain

Let my love open the door.

Win McNamee

With this travel day, let there be questions to answer:

1. Pete Townshend spent half a decade on the sex offender's registry for, well, we needn't go too deeply into detail here. While his excuse for going where he went was flimsy, he has mostly been forgiven and the transgression has largely been forgotten. Moving past the Townshend Transgression and your judgment on the matter, what misdeed by another are you most glad has been lost in the churn of history?

2. The polarizing Roberto Alomar has done a lot of terrible things, but his most notorious act (unfortunately) was probably spitting on John Hirschbeck. Having been spat on myself whilst on the job, what is the most disgusting thing you ever had happen to you at work?

3. I just saw Begin Again, John Carney's follow-up to Once, which was essentially a re-hash of the aforementioned gem. What was the last re-hashed thing you saw/heard/read that you were still glad to have [insert appropriate past-tense verb here]?

4. Having seen the much-hyped [and very good] Boyhood, what piece of media that you consumed most felt like the merits of its parts outweighed the actual experience of consuming it?

5. We all have our little niche things we get into. What random cultural stratum (i.e. Brazilian psychedelia, Cajun cuisine, Southern Gothic literature, French New Wave cinema, Comanche history) are you most obsessed with at the moment?

Boner #1: Flannery O'Connor or Carrol O'Connor?

Boner #2: Chuck Connors or Johnny Weissmuller?