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Off Day Off Topic Thread: July 2nd Edition

Another one of these things.

I don't think they get how charades is played.
I don't think they get how charades is played.
Hannah Foslien

Another post from this Kevin guy? Tsk tsk. We're all Kevin, though, aren't we?

It's Thursday, and today's an off day. There is no baseball to be played by the Royals, who are in the thick of Being Royal.

This is dumb. Those who rule, i.e., Royals, either never work a day in their lives or never take a day off. I think I'm going to say that I'm going to write a strongly worded letter to Overlord Selig about this whole off day thing but then not actually do it. That seems about the appropriate level of effort required, and it equals the amount of effort the Royals will put into baseball today.

The United States were, because everything is plural in soccer, eliminated by a waffle maker or something in the World Cup. Most people will probably go back to ignoring the sport and casually wondering why soccer and football have mixed up names. Some of you will cheer on some other team that doesn't stand for freedom, justice, and the American way, in which case shame on you.

Despite the loss, we will go on celebrating freedom, justice, and the American way. Tomorrow.

Off Topic Discussions:

1) As I type these words, I'm listening to one of my favorite bands' full albums on YouTube on 2x speed because some inane YouTube commenter suggested that people do it, and I do what people tell me. I, in turn, tell you to do something. Pick a song, listen to it at 2x speed, and post your reaction.

2) I guess I should work in something about fireworks. Do you like fireworks? What's your favorite explosive? I'm glad that we celebrate our independence and victory over the Redcoats by blowing up things, which I can only assume is what we did back then. Victory by distraction and a bright, light consumption of oxygen.

3) My perfect date would be April 25th July 2nd, because it's not too hot and it's not too cold. All you need is a light jacket.


I think I screwed up the last one. Here's a different one. If a genie gave you three wishes, how many of those wishes would relate to something selfish? Would you be able to stomach using all three wishes for the betterment of mankind and not yourself?