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Royals looking at former Royal Emilio Bonifacio

Could a Bonifacio reunion be in the works?

Brian Kersey

The Royals have kicked the tires on a number of right-handed hitting outfielders and are reportedly backing away from many such possibilities. Now we get Bruce Levine from Chicago's "The Score":

The Royals acquired Emilio Bonifacio from Toronto last summer during their post-season push, but released him in February to save about $3 million. Bonifacio hit .285/.352/.348 in 42 games for the Royals last year with 16 steals and 1.2 rWAR. Emilio signed on with the Cubs and has performed well after a rough May, hitting .279/.318/.373 for the year with 2 HR 18 RBI and 14 steals for 1.3 rWAR. Bonifacio has murdered left-handers this year to the tune of .408/.435/.592 in 76 plate appearances, and has a career line of .292/.339/.376 against southpaws. Bonifacio is capable of playing all three outfield spots, second base, third base, and can fill in at shortstop. In his eight-year Major League career the 29-year old Emilio is hitting .264/.321/.344.

Bonifacio earns about $900,000 the remainder of the season and is a free agent this winter.