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Trade deadline passes, Royals stay put

The Royals, neither buyers, nor sellers, but content with what they have. Very Zen, Dayton. Very Zen.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The trade deadline passed this afternoon and while it was a very exciting and amazing spectacle to watch as other teams made franchise-impacting moves, the Royals preferred their internal options and did not make a single transaction today. The Royals were linked to numerous players, especially pitchers signed through 2015, but in the end, this is the team we're rolling with.

But they may not be done!

If you're confused, today is the non-waiver trade deadline, meaning the last day players can be dealt without passing waivers. After today, for a player to get dealt, they must clear waivers, meaning every team must pass on picking up that guy for the waiver fee (a nominal amount). So typically the kind of players available in August are players with bad contracts, or are not very valuable - the kind of player that no team wants for free. So...sound strategy.

Royals fans were generally pleased with today's events.

The Tigers made a move, picking up Rays pitcher David Price.

And the Indians, just 1.5 games behind us, traded their starting shortstop and their 2013 All-Star starting pitcher. Losers.

Well, we didn't land the big bat like Emilio Bonifacio that we all wanted, but if we hold onto this rabbit's foot, eat our vegetables, say our prayers, maybe, just maybe, this team will improve and find its way into the playoffs. I feel confident, do you?