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Royals sign Venezuelan shortstop Jose Marquez

The Royals ink their second major Latin American amateur free agent of the period.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals added another shortstop in a system already filled with potential prospects like Raul Mondesi and Marten Gasparini by signing Venezuelan switch-hitter Jose Marquez this week. The sixteen-year-old Marquez has, is, according to Baseball America, "better from the left side with gap power, average speed and good athleticism" and may eventually move to second base. Marquez signs for a bonus of $450,000. He was not listed as one of the Top 30 international free agents by Baseball America. The Royals earlier this week signed Dominican shortstop Ricky Aracena to a $850,000 bonus. The Royals have an international bonus pool of $2,136,800 for 2014-2015.