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Two Royals make the Baseball Prospectus Mid-season Top 50, Three for Baseball America

Baseball Prospectus announced their Mid-Season Top 50 list. Generally there aren't major changes from the Pre-season Top 101, but it's an update.

For prospect hounds, lists are the biggest fetish. Prospectors love complaining about individual rankings, complaining about player vs player rankings, and complaining about who was left off. I do all of this. Is there a Prospectors Anonymous?

On their Pre-season Top 101 list the Royals landed 7 players and four in the Top 50. This update sees two players make the list.

Yordano Ventura, the #12 player on the Top 101, obviously is no longer available for such a list.

Raul Mondesi is ranked as the Royals highest prospect and BP was not deterred by his offensive woes this year in Wilmington as he actually moved UP one spot from #29 to #28. This could be attributed to attrition and promotion as well.

Developmental Update: The slick fielding, switch-hitting shortstop has shown how dynamic he can be in all aspects of the game while developing as an 18 year-old at the High-A level this year. There's a sizable gap between his current skills and what his end game could be. There is also a gap between the top-flight shortstop prospects and where Mondesi is now, but with him being as young as he is and already at the High-A level there is reason to believe he could close the gap. The biggest surprise has been how dynamic has has been on the basepaths. He grades out as a double-plus runner now, clocking sub-4.0 to 4.1 times to first from home. Despite his struggles, a potential first-division regular/all-star caliber shortstop ceiling is a real reality, and is the driving force for his status in the inclusion in the top 50.

The other Royal to find himself in the Top 50 is Miguel Almonte at #50. Like Mondesi, Almonte has had some struggles in Wilmington. His peripherals are still the same for the most part, but his strikeouts are down a tad and he's giving up more home runs than he normally does.

Developmental Update: The right-handed starter has shown development in his skills and is becoming more of a polished arm while pitching at the High-A level as a 21 year-old. Almonte has a plus fastball and a double-plus changeup that has allowed him to succeed at all levels leading up to this year. Development of a third pitch was the main concern I had with the prospect, and this year he has shown big strides in the development of his curveball. Command improvement within the strike zone, and the ability to be more consistent with his fast mechanics, will allow him to hit his high ceiling as a mid-rotation starter on a playoff-caliber team. Early in the season, Almonte was showing more reliever traits than starter traits but he has had a strong stretch and in recent starts has shown the ability to control the strike zone.

Sean Manaea was on the list for honorable mention.

I had four Royals in my Top 50 (Mondesi, Zimmer, Dozier, Manaea).

Personally I'm more of a Zimmer fan than Mondesi, and I'm surprised Zimmer didn't make the Top 50 and Miguel Almonte did. I had Almonte as my 5th best Royals prospect. I agree with BP's evaluation of Almonte peaking at a mid-rotation piece and that certainly would make him a high ranking prospect, but he is still behind Zimmer for me even given Zimmer's injuries. While Zimmer has question marks, he still has a higher chance, in my opinion, to be a contributor in a major league rotation.

Baseball America has also released their Top 50 prospects.

The Royals have placed three players on the list.

Raul Mondesi goes from #47 on their Top 100 pre-season list to #22 on this list.

At some point production trumps potential, but as an 18-year-old in the Carolina League he oozes potential.

Kyle Zimmer drops three spots from #23 to #26 on this list.

Scouts around baseball love him when he pitches, but they sure want to see him get on a mound.

Hunter Dozier sees the biggest jump as he goes from unranked on the 2014 pre-season list to #39 overall.

Surprise top-10 pick last year doesn't look so surprising now, with bat and defense to profile at third base.

Comparing my Top 50 list vs BA's rankings:

1. Kris Bryant (BA ranked him at #2)

2. Oscar Taveras (N/A)

3. Byron Buxton (#1)

4. Carlos Correa (#3)

5. Dylan Bundy (#10)

6. Lucas Giolito (#11)

7. Javier Baez (#7)

8. Addison Russell (#5)

9. Jonathan Gray (#8)

10. Francisco Lindor (#6)

11. Noah Syndergaard (#19)

12. Taijuan Walker (N/A)

13. Hunter Harvey (#31)

14. Miguel Sano (#9)

15. Corey Seager (#16)

16. Albert Almora (Unranked)

17. Robert Stephenson (#20)

18. Joc Pederson (#18)

19. Archie Bradley (#12)

20. Brady Aiken (Unranked)

21. Joey Gallo (#4)

22. Julio Urias (#13)

23. Tyler Glasnow (#21)

24. Clint Frazier (#42)

25. Jorge Alfaro (#45)

26 Kyle Zimmer (#26)

27. Jameson Taillon (#24)

28. Henry Owens (#15)

29. Carlos Rodon (Unranked)

30. Alex Jackson (Unranked)

31. David Dahl (#28)

32. Raimel Tapia (Unranked)

33. J.P Crawford (#23)

34. Raul Mondesi (#22)

35. Kohl Stewart (#30)

36. Jose Berrios (#27)

37. Austin Meadows (#43)

38. Alex Meyer (#32)

39. Jorge Soler (Unranked)

40. Hunter Dozier (#39)

41. Arismendy Alcantara (Unranked)

42. Austin Hedges (#17)

43. Jesse Winker (#29)

44. Sean Manaea (Uranked)

45. Matthew Wisler (#41)

46. Dan Norris (#25)

47. Braden Shipley (#36)

48. Stephen Piscotty (#49)

49. Blake Swihart (#14)

50. Aaron Sanchez (Unranked)

I was spot on on Baez, Pederson, and Zimmer and close on others.