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Royals Rumblings - News for July 8, 2014

George Kottaras will always have an optional my heart.

Jason Miller

Royals Rumblings - News for July 8, 2014

Dave Cameron takes a look at the recent Jeff Samardzija trade the A's made and compares it to the James Shields gamble Dayton Moore took eighteen months ago.

While I will freely acknowledge that we’ve said a lot more good things about the A’s moves than the Royals moves over the last few years, I’m totally okay with that; the A’s are perhaps the best team in baseball, so if we weren’t saying more good things about their moves than every other team, we’d have been missing the boat. Beyond that, however, I think there are two dramatic differences that support different conclusions for these two transaction. 1. The given playoff probabilities for the A’s and Royals at the time of the two trades. 2. The opportunity costs paid by the two teams....

Giving up an elite young player on the hopes that it will help you get to October is not the same thing as giving up an elite young player knowing that you’re basically guaranteed at least one trip to the postseason. The dramatic rise in information that teams have about their own chances at reaching the playoffs is one of the primary reasons that we see teams pay higher prices at the trade deadline than they will over the winter, even though they’re acquiring roughly half of the value that they could have gained by making the move over the off-season. The increased information justifies moves in-season that are not justifiable without that information, and the A’s have a postseason near-certainty that the Royals have never possessed.

Andy McCullough writes that Mike Moustakas has hit well since returning from Omaha, even though he isn't getting any opposite-field hits.

"He’s a left-handed hitter that’s a right-handed thrower," Yost said. "So his top hand is not as strong as if he was a right-handed hitter. His dominant hand is his bottom hand. So when you get pitches out there, your top hand has to be able to — boom — hit it that way. "His dominant hand is his bottom hand. So it tends to drop the head of the bat. Which results in a lot of pop-ups."

Yost insisted Moustakas continues to labor over improving this skill. But his future resides in powering the ball to right, not slapping it to left.

Jeffrey Flanagan writes there is no getting around it - Eric Hosmer needs to be demoted in the lineup.

Manager Ned Yost continues to coddle Hosmer, hitting him second and third despite Hosmer's dismal production. Worse yet, Hosmer seems unaware of how much damage he is doing to the offense.

For example, Hosmer is a notorious first-ball hacker, even though the results suggest strongly that he should be more patient. He is just a .238 hitter on first pitches and he has hit into three double plays on first pitches, two of which ended games after promising rallies. But he keeps on hacking at first pitches

And even when Hosmer does get a huge advantage in the count, he tends to keep on hacking and often gets himself out. Here's a woefully telling statistic: After the count reaches 3-0 on Hosmer this year, he is hitting .000. That's right -- he is 0 for 9 in those situations while drawing 13 walks.

Omaha's paper says this is a big year for Royals prospect Bubba Starling. Could it be his last in a baseball uniform?

Picollo said Kansas City, which could have paid out Starling’s bonus over five years because of his ability to earn an athletic scholarship in more than one sport, has already paid Starling all that he was owed. Theoretically, then, Starling would be free to return to football.

But the Royals say they aren’t worried about that. "If I was 21 or 22 years old with that kind of ability ... I’m sure it goes through his mind once in awhile," Picollo said. "But we haven’t been given any indication that’s something that he wants to do.

Classic rock ain't what it used to be. Kansas City apparently is big into ZZ Top, Boston, Rush, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Jon Bois has his top 20 GIFs of June, from Matt Joyce to the stupid President on "24."

A Yankees fan caught sleeping during a TV broadcast is suing ESPN for $10 million due to the "verbal punishment" he suffered at the hands of the ESPN announcing crew. Does this mean we have a case against Rex Hudler?

A man has raised over $20,000 on Kickstarter to make potato salad. Is this why Dayton is trading so many players for "cash considerations"?

Andy Sidaris, the man behind the sports television "honey shot", we salute you.

Hey, Kansas City, you love ZZ Top? Your song of the day is ZZ Top's "Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers."