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Game LXXXIX Open Thread - The Royals of Kansas City versus the Devil Rays of St. Petersburg

The Royals fight for freedom in the heart of Russia. Vargas hurls for America. Hellickson throws for the Soviets.

Devil Rays fan.
Devil Rays fan.

Day two of the Royals struggle to spread the good word on democracy in Russia's cultural center St. Petersburg should prove to be an interesting one. Tensions are reaching a fever pitch in the Royals clubhouse as high stakes of their endeavor have amped up the pressure. Cracks in the cool veneer are showing with the looming break-up between Billy Butler and his ball club going public at a time that can only show our weakness to the Russians.

Despite the Royals' America's win last night, the Royals venture back into the fray tonight. With their composure being tested in battle, it is probably a good thing that the comrades of Leningrad will have to wrest themselves from slumber by 3:10 AM local time to take in this contest. While the fact that all Devil Rays games start this early, effectively burying the team and America's pastime deep in the bulk of the populace's REM phase, it certainly helps explain why there are so few Russians in the stands at Tropicana Field.

The Royals will send offseason acquisition Jason Vargas to the mound to champion democracy and capitalism. The Devil Rays will start Iowan defector Jeremy Hellickson, the poster boy for how dangerous the Red Menace truly is as he has embraced the Soviet lifestyle with aplomb.