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OT Friday Thread: Where's the beef?

Choose your meat, leave a vice behind you, and reveal your embarrassing past.

Call me Donnie
Call me Donnie
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

1. Who's your favorite New Kid?

2. We all have our vices or bad habits that would be best left behind us. What one would you give up for the betterment of your health if you had the willpower?

3. Name your favorite set of siblings to whom you are not related. Why them?

4. Children are not typically known for their refined taste in things. What sticks out as the most embarrassing thing of which you were a fan from your youth?

5. Who is your favorite Private Investigator from film/television/literature?

Boner #1: A's or Tigers?

Boner #2: Beef or pork?