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Vargas Dominates; KC Wins 3-0 Over Oakland


Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

One in a row!  New streak!

I'm also getting excited.  Knowing the Kansas City sports scene (aside from Sporting), this is generally a bad thing to have happen to you, but it's probably time to just go with it.

It was a predictably low scoring affair between two lefties having very good seasons, Jason Vargas and Scott Kazmir.  In the third inning, Nori Aoki hit a single, the first in his multi-hit game.  Omar Infante, apparently reading Royals Review between innings and discovering that I said he should not hit second, hit a home run out of spite.  That made it 2-0 Royals, and it wouldn't stay that way for too long.  In the fourth inning, the Royals played Small Ball and scored an extremely gritty run.  Christian Colon hit an infield single, Aoki bunted, Infante hit another infield single, and Perez plated him with a sacrifice fly 3-0 Royals.

And that was all that was needed.  Jason Vargas turned in an absolute gem of a game, pitching the second complete game shutout of the week.  He crafty'd around, allowing a total of three baserunners all night.  Three.  This was, ostensibly, the same offense that showed up yesterday to the tune of 11 runs.  While only getting four strikeouts, he walked no one, and exhibited control and efficiency.  Vargas' intensity is such that we might be on the watch for other failing organs.  The appendix was not up to the task--the will to win is extremely corrosive.

On another note, it is an extreme relief to watch Josh Willingham bat.  He works the count, checks his swings well, and is selective with his pitches he chooses to drives.  He had a very good game, getting, as Hudler would say, 'a walk and a knock,' and is generally exactly what the Royals need at this point.  Dare I say, he might be better than Hosmer when he returns, especially with how Butler hits whilst playing first base.

The Kansas City Royals are now 11 games over .500 at 65-54.  Though Detroit won, the Royals remain in first place for yet another day.  It's getting crazy here, folks.

On another note, this is Sung Woo's last game before he goes back to South Korea.  It's been a great story and a great ride, and Kansas City showed its true colors this past week.  The weather was good, the baseball was good and, I assume, the barbecue was good.

Be Royal, Sung Woo.  Kansas City clearly is.  Because #RoyalsInFirst