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Game 120: Oakland A's vs. Kansas City Royals GameThread

The Royals look to take the series against the best team in baseball. Again.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Yea, verily, and unto the Royals the baseball gods bestowed the gift of good luck. "It shall be a light appearing when you least expect it to bring you into prosperity," said the gods. Having been given this gift, the Royals have nurtured it throughout the course of the season, calling upon it at times to win many games, and at other times letting it languish within their domes. I say this because the Royals are calling upon it now, winning games against teams that are better than they.

The Royals have won shootouts and shutouts. The Royals have won here and there. Having been given the gift of good luck, the Royals can spit in the face of things like run differentials and context-independent talent estimators like the Base Runs formula. The light of good luck is burning brightly, and those who are not wielding it are blinded by its brilliance.

Lurking around the corner, however, is the inevitability of light becoming darkness. There will be a time when the light of good luck retreats back into the dome. There will be much wailing, consternation, and snark during this time. That time must not be now. Those damnable Tigers are prowling where the light hides, ready to consume it.

Today, the Royals play day baseball.