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Royals Review is hiring

Want to be a critical spirit? Inquire within. Kevins only.

Justin Sullivan

Since I was handed the keys to the executive washroom earlier this summer and added our newest writers, the Royals have really taken off, and with that has come increased interest in our little site. It seems people really like reading about a winning team instead of a 100-loss team that employs Ross Gload! Accordingly, I would like to add another writer.

No experience is necessary, but you must be able to write competently in the English language (unlike Rex Hudler). There is no pay except in Schrute Bucks and "recs" which are just as good as any currency. But you get a large audience to write for (earlier this week Royals Review was the second-most read baseball website on the SB Nation network), the opportunity to hone your writing skills, and some work-product to point to if you ever want to become some sort of professional writing-type person.

There is a caveat! I need the new writer to be able to handle Saturday Game Thread duties. This will involve writing the game thread summary and the recap after the game. If you can't handle every Saturday, that's fine (we work around schedules among the Kevins) but I need someone to take over the regular Saturday gig from me.

Other than that, you'll be free to write about whatever you want, whenever you want, with all the tools SB Nation has to offer, with your name on the masthead and everything. It is up to you if you want to write under a handle or use your name.

If you are interested, please contact Max Rieper at I encourage those of you that expressed interest in joining the staff before to contact me.

Thanks again, and as always, Trust the Process.