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Royals Rumblings - News for August 15, 2014

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Royals Rumblings - News for August 15, 2014

Sam Mellinger writes that Dayton's off-season moves are really starting to pay off now.

Vargas is here on a four-year $32 million contract because the front office made some calculations and determined that his fly-ball tendencies and let-the-hitter-get-himself-out style would play particularly well in a big ballpark and in front of the sport's best defense...

Infante is here on a four-year $30.25 million contract because the front office was desperate for a second baseman and thought his steady ways and 13 years of experience would be a good complement for a group still learning how to win.

There are more than six combined seasons and more than $40 million left on those contracts, so anything definitive is very premature, but those contracts were offered with the hope of many nights exactly like this.

Will the Royals get complacent with an easy upcoming schedule against the Rangers, Twins, and Rockies?

"Naw, we can't circle any games," Cain said. "Too many games. You never know what you're going to get. Baseball is such a tough sport in general, you can't really circle any games. ... You still have got to go out there and play, regardless of what teams you're facing.

"Whatever the matchup may say, in baseball, you can lose anytime; the game can change very fast. And you can see it has changed for us, as of late. If we continue to play consistent baseball down the stretch, I think we'll be fine."

ESPN highlights the Royals starting rotation for their recent success.

The latest on Eric Hosmer:

Christian Colon is just looking for a chance.

The Washington Post looks at how the Royals could still miss the playoffs.

As good as these Royals are, they look remarkably similar to the team that broke their fans’ hearts last season....

The Royals are projected to finish 22-22 the rest of the way and currently have just a 46.4 percent chance at a playoff spot, showing that the more things change, the more they could stay the same.

Haters gonna hate.

Something is different about Billy Butler.

Pitcher Aroni Nina was promoted to AA Northwest Arkansas, while outfielder Brian Fletcher was demoted to AA Northwest Arkansas after spending much of the year in Omaha.

Ned Yost is the second-least meddling manager in the big leagues according to Grantland's "Managerial Meddling Index."

Want playoff tickets? The Royals announced plans for their playoff ticket pricing for season ticket holders.

The Royals 2006 draft, headed by Deric Ladnier in between the Baird and Moore administrations, was one of the worst drafts since 1990.

Three ESPN talent evaluators rank the top five defenders in baseball according to tools. The Royals get some love with Alex Gordon ranked the third best "outfield glove", Alcides Escobar as fourth best "infield glove", and Salvador Perez as the second best "catcher arm". Gordon only gets honorable mention for best "outfield arm" behind two guys (Yasiel Puig and Yoenis Cespedes) they admit make "mental mistakes" and "aren't the prettiest." No mention of Eric Hosmer, Lorenzo Cain, or Jarrod Dyson anywhere.

Our own Justin Bopp wants to be MLB Commissioner.

The job now belongs to Rob Manfred, of Rob Manfred's Mann Earth Band.

Ben Lindbergh looks at how Japanese teams look for North American ballplayers, like former Royals pitcher Guillmero Moscoso.

As if we needed another reason to hate Hawk Harrelson.

Summer jobs are slowly disappearing. How else are teens to experience demeaning tasks?

Buzzfeed is doing great you guys.

Your song of the day is MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred with "Blinded by the Light."