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OT Friday Thread: Ballparks and the disappearance of passenger trains

Doomsday is upon us.


Dispatch from the road. I'll be at the game tonight. The fearsome Ricky Nolasco will surely haunt my dreams through the fitful nights my future holds.

1. Tonight will be my first time at Target Field, as this is my first time back in Minnesota since it opened. How many ballparks have you been to? Which is your favorite?

2. What is the longest drive you've done behind the wheel: solo and/or in a group, no stopping overnight?

3. Doomsday is upon us. Mankind is in shambles. The bulk of our resources are destroyed. You have the chance to stock up on one thing that is not nutritively valuable food or water. What do you choose?

4. We all had our more embarrassing bands that we were fans of in our youth. In retrospect, who is the most embarrassing band that you've paid money specifically to see?

5. Having stepped into the recently renovated St. Paul Union Depot yesterday, I immediately felt a sense of loss for society at the mid-to-late 20th Century destruction of the passenger train industry. If you could undo one thing in US history (slavery and the annihilation of the indigenous peoples of North America aside), what would you change?

Boner #1: Wet or moist?

Boner #2: Oklahoma Joe's or Arthur Bryant's?