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Salvador Perez pulled in 7th inning with knee discomfort

The Royals star catcher pulled as a "precautionary measure," per Andy McCullough.

Please be fine. Please be fine. Please be fine.
Please be fine. Please be fine. Please be fine.
Hannah Foslien

With the Royals sporting a 3 - 0 lead and three innings to go, Salvador Perez mysteriously departed the game. There did not appear to be any clear point of injury in the game action.

As Andy McCullough reports:

In the top of the seventh, Erik Kratz stepped to the plate in Salvador Perez's place. Without warning.

Of course, Kratz hanged dong in that very at-bat and then followed it up with another dong hanging in his next plate appearance, so one can safely assume that he will do so in every plate appearance he logs in Perez's absence.

For those concerned about Perez's surgically repaired knee that sidelined him for much of the 2012 season, this should maybe assuage your concerns:

Per the At-Bat notification on my phone, he is listed as day-to-day.

Still, in the heat of the pennant race, one assumes Perez is integral to the Royals' continued success. We all wait on pins and needles for more substantive news.


Per a late-night McCullough tweet:

Obviously, this is nothing official, but at least it's not bad news.