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Ibanez homers, Royals win 1-0

Baseball was played. Ibanez did the main baseball thing.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The main part of this game was a snoozer. Sonny Gray mowed down the Royals lineup using strikeouts and ground balls. Given the Royals' propensity to swing more than irritating children at a playground, Gray didn't even have to worry about walks.

Jeremy Guthrie got into trouble in the bottom of the 4th after a hit and a walk, but he Guthried his way out by inducing a popup and nabbing a strikeout.

The shutout fell apart when Raul Ibanez vindicated GMDM's lack of activity at the trade deadline by smashing a homer over the right center fence in the 5th. It was a low-ish pitch, but Ibanez still has enough strength in him to muscle one out when he's not busy making outs.

Guthrie got into trouble again in the bottom of the 6th after a single and a walk. GUTS utilized the power of the strikeout to exit the dangerous situation. That proved to be Guthrie's final inning. He finished with 3 hits, 2 walks, 6 strikeouts, and no runs over 6 innings. Solid.

Kelvin Herrera came on in relief and did Jeremy Guthrie things by allowing a single and a walk. Herrera also employed the strikeout to achieve an efficient end to current former Athletic Sam Fuld.

Wade Davis and Greg Holland locked down the high leverage innings, and the Royals won 1-0.

Despite buying all the pitchers, Oakland still couldn't defeat the juggernaut Royals. If they can't beat the Royals in their own place, then certainly their ...stuff...won't work in the playoffs.

Standing pat at the deadline, baby.