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Thursday Off Day Thread: Querying the Readership

The Royals get an off day to rest Greg Holland and Wade Davis. And figure out if Yost killed Perez's knee.

This guy gets it.
This guy gets it.
Justin Edmonds

So, here's a thing. The Royals are still one game ahead of Detroit in the division standings, and the Royals have the abysmal Texas Rangers coming up, who have used more pitchers than a college bar in a college town on a college football Saturday. The Tigers, on the other hand, are dueling the Rays. I like these happenings.

Sadly, there will be no baseball played today by the Royals. Also, sadly, Salvador Perez's knee is not 100%. They say that nothing is ever 100% this late into the season, but you still play. However, Salvy played, then didn't play, and then got an MRI. I don't know what his knee health percentage is, but it's apparently all over the place. Just give him a health potion, and we'll all be fine. Let's just hope for a non-Garrett Richards fate.

I have some questions for you. I assume you have answers.

1) I've long contended that the harp produces the most beautiful instrumental sounds, even though I played the flute. If you could instantly, magically become a master of one *musical* instrument, what would it be?

2) I'm working on some data visualization, and I'm constantly running into an annoying "cannot mix aggregate and non-aggregate fields with this function" error. It could be user error, i.e., me, causing the issue. It could also be a limitation of the program, in which case I seriously question the usefulness of the program. Has there ever been a thing you were trying to do, failed constantly at, and blamed someone/something else, only to find out later that you were the problem the whole time?

3) My wife makes totally awesome guacamole. I make totally awesome...water...from the sink. Also grilled cheese. Do you have a specialty food/dish that you make?


1) Red Hot Chili Peppers or Infected Mushroom(s)?

2) Alexander Hamilton or Alexander the Great?