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Royals to be nationally televised on ESPN, FS1 this week


Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals are one of the hottest stories in Major League Baseball this year, and naturally everyone wants in on the action. Your plucky Royals, who not that long ago had their August and September games bumped off Fox Sports Kansas City in favor of Missouri State football, will be nationally televised three times this week.

Monday's Yankees game will be televised on the worldwide leader, ESPN. This is the rained out game originally scheduled for June 9. It will be Derek Jeter's last game ever in Kansas City. ESPN will carry the game nationally, although the game will be blacked out for viewers in the Fox Sports Kansas City market, so that FS Kansas City can carry the game locally. ESPN with a game preview here.

Sunday night's game against Cleveland will also be televised by ESPN on "Sunday Night Baseball." The game has been moved from 1:10 to 7:07 to accommodate the national broadcast.

Tuesday night's game against the Minnesota Twins will be carried by Fox Sports 1 (FS1). It is the third time the Royals have appeared on FS1 this year.

FOX Sports 1 can be found on:

AT&T U-verse 652 (SD) and 1652 (HD)

Cable One (Joplin) 54 (SD) and 493 (HD)

Centurylink (Columbia, Omaha) 620 (SD) and 1620 (HD)

Charter (Kansas City area) 43 and 211 (SD) and 811 (HD)

Charter (Nebraska) 70 (SD) and 811 (HD)

Comcast (Independence) 43 (SD) and 223 and 878 (HD)

Comcast (Olathe) 32 (SD) and 223 and 878 (HD)

Cox (Kansas) 60 (SD) and 2060 (HD)

Cox (Nebraska) 78 (SD) and 1078 (HD)

DirecTV 219 (SD and HD)

Dish 150 (SD and HD) Google Fiber 207 (SD and HD)

Mediacom (Iowa) 74 (SD) and 861 (HD)

Mediacom (Mid-Missouri) 163 and 408 (SD) and 761 (HD)

Mediacom (Springfield, Mo.) 72 (SD) and 760 (HD)

Suddenlink (Branson) 57 and 734

Suddenlink (St. Joseph) 62 and 664

Surewest/Consolidated (Lenexa) 34 (SD) and 668 (HD)

Time Warner (Kansas City, Lincoln) 75 and 317 (SD) and 1317 (HD)

WOW (Lawrence) 150 (SD) and 227 (HD)