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Welcome our two new writers to Royals Review

Please welcome the two newest Kevins to the Royals Review team.


Much like the Royals, we here at Royals Review understand that a successful season means upgrading your roster at mid-season. So we are pleased to announce two mid-season acquisitions, the Josh Willinghams of our site. Please welcome to the Royals Review writing roster Joshua Ward and Ryan Landreth.

Josh has been a member this board since 2010, and is a frequent contributor to MLB Daily Dish. He has also contributed to Pine Tar Press and originally got his start writing Fanposts for Royals Review. You may remember his piece earlier this summer on Kelvin Herrrera. He will be taking over Saturday gamethreads and recaps. You can follow him on Twitter at @JoshuaKWard.

Ryan Landreth has written primarily for "Royals Blue" and "Around the Diamond." He has also hosted podcasts on college basketball and the NFL.  Ryan will be taking over Friday gamethreads and recaps. We're still working on setting him up with a Royals Review account. You can follow him on Twitter at @ryan_landreth

The clubhouse presence of these two writers cannot be measured. If you are scrolling down this page and feel something rough on your mouse, it is grit. In a small way, Royals Review has added two Pulitzer Prize-winning writers.

Welcome aboard Josh and Ryan.