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Royals may be interested in Bartolo Colon

But he's fat, like Billy Butler

Mike Stobe

Mets starting pitcher Bartolo Colon has cleared waivers, meaning he is free to be traded, and he has drawn interest from a number of teams, which could include the Kansas City Royals. Tyler Drenon looked at Bartolo Colon as a trade candidate back at the July trading deadline. Colon is 12-10 this year with a 3.82 ERA and 3.35 FIP. In 167.1 innings, he has struck out 7 hitters per nine innings, while walking just 1.2. Colon is coming off a career resurgence after winning 18 games with a 2.65 ERA last year with the Oakland Athletics.

The Royals have reportedly been seeking a pitcher that could serve as an upgrade over Jeremy Guthrie, as well as a replacement for James Shields in 2015 when the free agent departs. The 41-year old Colon will earn roughly $2 million the remainder of this season and is signed to a contract through 2015 that will pay him $11 million next year.

What would the Mets want in return for Colon?

What do the Mets want? In a word, value. The 41-year-old Colon has pitched well, and the Mets are targeting both salary relief and a decent return in prospects.

Last night, after word spread that Colon had cleared waivers, the question circulating around the game was how much of the pitcher’s $11 million salary the Mets would absorb. In July, we reported that the team was willing to eat about $2 million to facilitate a deal, and nothing substantial has changed since

The Angels and Dodgers are other teams mentioned as the most interested in Colon's services. The Angels have depleted their farm system, but would be in a better position to take on Colon's salary than Kansas City.

The Royals have until August 31 to acquire players that can be eligible for the post-season roster.