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Ungrateful fans don't deserve a winning team

If you won't turn up to support the Royals, maybe you should just geeeeet out.

Ungrateful, the whole lot of you.
Ungrateful, the whole lot of you.
Jamie Squire

Let's face it, the Royals fans are some of the most classless, acerbic, ungrateful bastarrds you will ever come across. Between booing Cano, running Allard Baird out of town, ragging on the James Shields trade, complaining about Yuniesky Betancourt, complaining about Yuniesky Betancourt a second time, and not appreciating such high-profile moves as bringing in Jose Guillen, Gil Meche, Omar Infante, and Mike Jacobs, they can't wait to find something to complain about.

You can now add lazy to the list of grievances.

You'd figure a fan base that has seen one winning season per decade for the past however long would want to show up and support a team that is holding on to first place in August 26th. But no. They didn't.

Royals fans couldn't be bothered to step out into the ninety degree weather with humidity approaching 80% on a Tuesday night at the beginning of the school year in one of baseball's smallest markets. For their insolence, they missed out on witnessing Alex Gordon (who should probably be traded at his peak value this off-season) belt a come-from-behind walkoff home run in the ninth inning against the Minnesota Twins.

A fan base that is averaging 23,597 per game, an abysmal increase over last year's 21,614 average, which was a steep decline from 2012's All-Star year bump of 21,748 per game average, only sent 13,847 to The K last night. If I could, I'd shake every single one of their hands (minus the 10,000 or so Minnesota fans that love their team enough to drive down from St. Paul to see them) and thank them for their commitment, courage, and dammit their outright patriotism.

The first place Royals drew less fans than the second place Tigers, who play in Detroit. Have you seen Detroit lately? They've only got a population of 5.7 million and they manage to draw near sell outs every night. Kansas City has half the population and can't even draw half the attendance. It makes me want to spit.

If I could, I'd take a cane to every blogger, Tweeter™, and fair-weather dipstick who couldn't even take time to go see a first place team play. But of course, in our soft-edged, knee-jerk society, we can't do things like that anymore.

Kansas City only ranks ninth in total attendance increases from last year. NINTH. NINTH. Behind the likes of the Houston Astros, who have won seventeen fewer games than the Royals. Never mind that Kansas City is one of only fourteen teams to see their attendance increase from last season. And that Detroit has seen its attendance decline despite being a pretty good second place team. It's a poor effort and a poor showing by the so-called "faithful" Royals fans that they can't be bothered to show up.

Kevin Kietzman of Sports Radio 810 said on his show a few days ago that he's tired of hearing about attendance. "Attendance isn't everything," said he. Fuff. Pshaw. Hogwash. Stuff and nonsense. The same fans who can't be bothered to show up are the same fans who want to complain about the Royals payroll being so low. Maybe if you got out of your basements, the Royals could spend a bit more, hmm? Ever think about that? Hmm? Tough guy?

Really. I never.

PS Good to see you all again. Ingrates.