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Game 132 Open Thread - Twins vs. Royals

Kansas City can win yet another series tonight. Will they? The answer is either yes or no.

Lo, Danger Ox
Lo, Danger Ox
Jamie Squire

Well, the Royals are getting quite good at this winning thing, huh?

Kansas City ascended to first place on Monday, August 11 and has stayed there since. Though they have yet to pull away from the Tigers, as their max games ahead peaked at 3 this Saturday, they have consistently won enough games to stay ahead, which is all that matters.

Tonight is yet another game against the Minnesota Twins, and it seems (to me at least) to be about the 50th meeting between the two this year. In reality, it is merely their 18th. Close enough. The Royals send this lineup to the plate:

That's correct; Australian journeyman and pitcher Liam Hendriks will make a spot start for the Royals. He hasn't been good in his career, but all he needs to do is have one good game, something that even Luke Hochevar the starter did every once in a while. In another world, Kyle Zimmer might be making a spot start here, but he has dealt with injuries all season.

The Twins send this lineup to the K tonight:

Phil Hughes has had a fantastic season, and Minnesota has him for another two years. However, if the Twins are bad next year and Hughes is equally as excellent, expect him to be flipped in the trade deadline. You heard it here first, folks.

Though Sprint's Framily may not be a thing anymore, #RoyalsInFirst still is. Let's do this.