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OT Saturday Open Thread: The Birdman of Malkatraz

Moving out of our comfort zones, dealing with death, and beautiful maladies.

Vittorio Zunino Celotto

With so much content yesterday thanks to FanPosts and meme rundowns--not to mention all the other sweet stuff--it seemed likely that an OT Thread would get lost in the shuffle or needlessly clutter things. So we'll do this on a Saturday.

You know the drill.

1. We've all suffered through a book that we'd rather not revisit but refused to let that book defeat us. What book that you've read would you most strongly caution another person away from reading?

2. Death is surely something we all struggle with. It's inevitable and terrifying. With diseases not an option, what is the way in which you would least want to die?

3. You can live anywhere in the world, but it can't be anywhere within 200 miles of where you currently live. Furthermore, if you live in an urban area, you cannot remain in an urban area. If you currently live in a rural area, you can't remain in one. One last caveat: you cannot have lived there in the past. Where do you choose to live?

4. What is the worst malady (injury, illness, etc.) you've ever endured?

5. Which historical figure of the 20th Century do you think was the most overrated in terms of importance?

Boner #1: Avon or D'Angelo?

Boner #2: Michael Keaton or Diane Keaton?