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OT Off-day Monday Thread: Chris Pratt's a star [Lord] and nightmare dating

Cars, stars, and scars.

Right back at ya, buddy.
Right back at ya, buddy.
Kevin Winter

1. Maybe it broke down all the time. Maybe it hurt your neighbors' eyes while it sat in front of your house. Maybe it was a money pit that you dropped four times what you paid for it into keeping it running. What's the biggest POS car you've ever owned?

2. We've all been on bad dates. What's the worst one you've been on? When did the wheels come off the date wagon?

3. Some of you questioned the pending star power of Chris Pratt. Fools. No question here. You were wrong. Star Lord rules us all.

4. Halt and Catch Fire's first season ended Sunday night with its three-headed monster split apart. Longmire's third season finale airs tonight and may finally shed light on who killed Walt's wife. What less lauded, under the radar show do you love?

5. Maybe it was the absurd amount of baseball cards you'd get of a single player in packs. Maybe it was a weird act of fantasy baseball heroicism. What decidedly average [or worse] non-Royal, non-star player--past or present--do you have a bizarre affection towards?

Boner #1: Did you see Guardians of the Galaxy?

Boner #2: Martin Scorcese or Francis Ford Coppola?