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Royals Rumblings - News for August 5, 2014

The Royals are coming off their biggest series of the season, just like all the other series they've had.

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Royals Rumblings - News for August 5, 2014

Grantland's Jonah Keri isn't very keen on the Royals depth and roster construction or Ned Yost's decision-making.

While the Royals couldn’t have predicted Hosmer’s injury and shouldn’t be blamed too severely for what’s ultimately bad luck, it’s worth noting that year after year, they do a lousy job of taking care of the little things, and that’s costing them again this season. Though they remain in the mix for the AL’s second wild-card spot, sitting 1.5 games back, they’re once again battling poor roster construction. When an A’s position player faces a tough same-handed matchup on a given day or gets hurt, manager Bob Melvin has multiple options he can turn to in that player’s stead. When Hosmer gets hurt, the Royals’ best option is a player who no longer belongs in the majors, let alone in a starting lineup....

Yost’s lack of interest in carrying a viable bench and his lack of care in making smart batter-pitcher decisions are little things, but over the course of a season, those little things add up to big disappointment. That’s especially true for a team that is cash-strapped when it comes to trades and free agency and is fighting to stay in a wild-card race that could go down to the final days of the season. The most likely scenario for the Royals is that they win 80-some games and maintain a shot at making the playoffs, but ultimately extend their drought to 29 consecutive seasons. That might be enough to keep those in charge around for another year. And that probably means more botched opportunities in 2015.

Jeffrey Flanagan thinks the Oakland series was the Royals' biggest of the season. Seems like the Royals have had 8 or 9 of those already.

Sam Mellinger wants to remind you that Sporting Kansas City can lock up Matt Besler and Graham Zusi while the Royals cannot lock up their talent, because soccer players earn less.

I’m just here to point out two things:

1. Four years of both of those guys will cost less than Eric Hosmer’s signing bonus out of high school.

2. Please keep things like this in mind when you hear people talk like the Cerner guys would turn the Royals into the Dodgers (or Manchester City). They have enough money to buy and run a team, but they are also very aware of the vast difference of the financials of each league. One is set up to protect the teams, the other set up to reward the players.

In case you missed it, Royals 2014 first round pick, pitcher Brandon Finnegan, has been promoted to AA-Northwest Arkansas.

Salvador Perez has hired new representation.

Mets fans have been merciless to Giants outfielder Hunter Pence, who the Royals will be facing this weekend.

This map shows that while most of the country hates the Yankees, good ol' Kansans and Iowans do their duty to hate the Cardinals.

Is brain doping the next wave in sports? Is it cheating?

The cast of "Big Bang Theory" got PAID. At least the Royals aren't the only ones that overpay for mediocrity.

Wow, hotels can be jerks sometimes.

Off to face the Diamondbacks. Your song of the day is Kings of Leon with "Arizona".