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Game CXI Open Thread - The Royals of Kansas City versus the Diamondbacks of Arizona

Duffy versus Miley.

Where's the TP?
Where's the TP?
Jamie Squire

The Royals send peripheral out-performer Danny Duffy to the mound tonight for square off against Wade Miley.

The Royals last faced Miley on May 20, 2012. At that point, he was the unheralded starting pitcher that no one had heard of who comes in an shuts down the Royals. Of course, he ended up finishing second in Rookie of the Year voting that year, but he was not on prospect lists and had a relatively unimpressive minor league track record before breaking into the bigs. The Loranger, LA, native has come back down to earth proving to be the back of the rotation arm his repertoire would have portended.

That said, he's a lefty who doesn't throw particularly hard, so the Royals will probably have tons of problems with him tonight because that's what they do.