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Exculsive pots-game interveiw with Denton Moor

Apparently, he's never been on live TV before.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Deyton was reallty exited about the gaem last nite,.

Hear are a fewe of the hihghlights from are talk with him.  Mr, More./

Question #1: "How about that win, sir?!?"

Question #2: "So, Nori Aoki, huh? Weird. What did you think of that grand slam?"

Question #3: "Ned Yost made a noticeable decision to shift the infield on Diamondbacks outfielder Roger Kieschnick despite the fact that the team had never faced him. Does he employ advanced minor league scouting for relatively unfamiliar players like Kieschnick? Was it just an experiment because the team had a comfortable lead? Why employ the shift at all?"

Question #4: "After a home stand against some West Coast teams, you guys are heading on a road trip to face three last place clubs in the Twins, Rockies, and Rangers. What do you think will be the key to that stretch?"

Question #5: "Earlier you referred to someone as 'grandpa.' Is that how Mr. Glass insists on being addressed?"

Question #6: "When will you and Mr. Glass discuss potential waiver wire moves?"

Question #7: "And when will the two of you discuss the malleability of the payroll?"

WQe hear at Roylas Review would liek to thank Mr. More for spendign some tiem with us!!!!1

To watch the full-length video of the interview, go to WNEP-TV's YouTube page.


EDITOR'S NOTE: A slight error in this interview has been brought to our attention. We are currently looking into it. Thank you for your patience.