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Royals Review Night at the K - Saturday, August 9

Come meet all the Kevins!

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Sorry for the late notice and impromptu nature of this meetup, but Royals Review is having a meetup at the K! Its not the first time this has happened, as evidenced by the photo of our old fearless leader Will McDonald with his custom-made Ross Gload sign. But now is your chance to meet the new crew, from Kevin to Kevin, with a special guest appearance from Kevin.

Come out and meet myself, Matthew LaMar, Kevin Ruprecht, and Minda Haas at the Royals-Giants game this Saturday, August 9. We will be with the Pine Tar Press tailgate in Lot N, Row B meeting Sung Woo, Korea's biggest Royals fan. Check the Pine Tar Press site for details about their tailgate. We'll have some sort of Royals Review identification, such as pop tart crumbs strewn on our shirts.

Kansas City Royals tickets website - Royals vs. Giants

Stubhub - Royals vs. Giants

Tickets for Less - Royals vs. Giants

Next year I'd like to have some sort of official group outing in a block of seats, but for now, everyone is responsible for their own ticket and we'll try to tailgate together in a meet-n-greet. We will probably be sitting up in the HyVee seats in the upper deck however. Check this thread or our twitter feed (@royalsreview) for the latest details as we try to figure out how this will work logistically.

EDIT: We are sitting in Section 405. Come sit near us. But not too close - the restraining order is still in effect.