Quick and dirty remaining strength of schedule math for AL contenders

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I thought this was an interesting exercise in figuring out exactly who had the easiest road left this season. We've looked at the Royals upcoming schedule a lot, but I wanted to compare it to the rest of the AL contenders to see where ours stacks up.

I took the winning percentages of each MLB team and I subtracted that from 1 to get a team's win expectancy against every team. Quick example, the Royals are 58-53, for a winning % of 0.523 (woohoo!) which means other teams have an expected win % against us of 0.477. Then it was simply a matter of adding up the winning expectancy numbers for the AL contenders' games remaining to get the following chart:

Tm W L W-L% Expectancy
KCR 60 53 0.531 25.135
DET 62 50 0.554 25.120
LAA 67 46 0.593 24.856
OAK 70 44 0.614 24.501
BAL 65 49 0.570 24.399
CLE 57 58 0.496 23.990
SEA 60 54 0.526 23.868
NYY 60 54 0.526 23.723
TOR 61 55 0.526 22.757

And would you look at that! The Royals mathematically have the easiest remaining schedule of all AL contenders right now. I'm still not sure I love our chances down the stretch, but it made me feel a little bit better seeing these numbers.

Updated after the Arizona sweep.

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