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OT Friday Open Thread: KC eats and off-book treats

This is how we do it.

Run, Lorenzo. Run.
Run, Lorenzo. Run.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals are 2.5 games out of first in the Central and have a half game lead on the Yankees, Jays, and Mariners for the second Wild Card spot heading into a tough six-game home stretch against the Giants and A's. While we all struggle to come to terms with these confused emotions, what better way to distract ourselves than with five questions and two boners?

1. Without having to worry about any gross injustice being done unto you or being subject to extreme hardship, what time and place in United States history would you least like to find yourself in?

2. Here's a selfish one. You can have one meal in Kansas City. Where do you choose? What do you have?

3. What was the last book that you read of a subject matter/genre in which you typically don't dabble that took you by surprise?

4. You have been given one world-altering wish. You cannot wish for anything that directly benefits you and only you. What do you wish for?

5. James Franco wrote Palo Alto. Ben Affleck directed Argo. Russell Crowe had his 30 Odd Foot of Grunt. Spike Jonze was hilarious as Private Vig in Three Kings. What work featuring an artist working in a medium/role for which they were not primarily known is your favorite?

Boner #1: Christopher Marlowe or Philip Marlowe?

Boner #2: James Garner or Elliott Gould?