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Game CXXXVI Open Thread - The Rangers of Texas versus the Royals of Kansas City

This time Game 136 counts. We hope. Unless the Royals lose, in which case it'd be best if the game didn't count.

Purse those lips, sir.
Purse those lips, sir.
Mike Stone

The Royals hold the narrowest of leads over the Tigers thanks to the suspension of last night's game. Play was suspended with the Royals having three outs in which to match the two unearned runs the Racists scored off of Greg Holland in the top of the tenth last night.

So the Royals have a half-game lead over the Tigers for the time being, but that half game may as well be a 0.056 game lead over the Tigers. I suppose the likelihood of the Royals being able to score two runs and extend play is more likely on September 22nd than it was last night given the recent play of the Royals offense, but for all intents and purposes the Royals and Tigers are tied for first place.

With the New Royals having boarded a Learjet from Omaha to Kansas City, the Royals are flush with interestingish new players and the Son of God hopefully back from the desert and ready to lead his team to victory this evening and to elevate them from the doldrums in which they've been mired.

Tonight the Royals turn to young flamethrower Yordano Ventura to try to dispatch of the Rangers. They will throw out the following, completely frustrating lineup (Ibanez over Butler? Really?) tonight:

The woeful Rangers will send the now terrible Colby Lewis to the mound. These will be their batsmen:

The Royals look to right the ship tonight. The clock is running out and the division just got a whole lot tighter with Cleveland being three outs away from a three-game deficit sitting in third place.