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Do you plan on getting post-season tickets?

In case the unthinkable happens.

Doug Pensinger

I don't want to tempt fate, but with the Royals playoff odds still at 70%, it would be prudent to at least begin making tentative post-season plans.

Royals playoff tickets have already been made available for 2014 season ticket holders (this is still a weird thing for me to write!) Today is the last day to secure post-season tickets by putting a non-refundable deposit on a 2015 season ticket package. Here is the pricing guide for post-season tickets for season ticket holders. Hope you have some blood plasma to sell.

If you're looking to get tickets on the secondary market, you should also expect to pay a pretty penny. The most recent data I could find on the average resale value of post-season tickets is from 2012.

The average resale value of a ticket to the Cardinals-Braves Wild Card game in Atlanta was nearly $300. The price was much less for the Orioles-Rangers Wild Card game in Arlington, at $137 per ticket. For the Divisional Series, prices ranged from $93 for the Braves to $228 for the Giants.

  • Oakland-$192.03
  • Detroit-$148.25
  • San Francisco-$228.23
  • Cincinnati-$215.73
  • Washington-$189.53
  • New York-$226.45
  • Atlanta-$93.51*
  • St. Louis-$130.35*
  • Baltimore-$188.29*
  • Texas-$158.05*

Have you secured playoff tickets? Do you plan on getting playoff tickets? How much are you willing to spend? If you don't  have tickets, how are you planning to watch?